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The same level of service is offered to each rider, but at rates that reflect the amount of time required, and that are responsive to rider needs.


Personal coaching


Recreational/touring emphasis

$85/month + $50 initial consultation

Competitive emphasis

$120/month + $75 initial consultation

Espoires/college students

$75/month + $50 initial consultation


$60/month + $50 initial consultation

Power analysis

Add $25/month

Consultation (3 months, with fitting)

$150, competitive emphasis

$100, recreational emphasis

Consultation (3 months, time trialing)




Note: for a definitive fit, I recommend Wobble Naught fit technician Jim Baldesare


Critical power/anaerobic work capacity testing


Functional threshold power testing


PowerTap system rental

$50/month (includes installation; tire/tube, skewer, and cogset furnished by client)


$75, clubs; $100, other groups

Event consultation/support

$125, clubs; $150, other groups

Surface transportation costs are assessed at the 2010 IRS rate of $0.50 per mile for distances over 10 miles round-trip, plus any tolls.

Members of sponsored clubs receive 20% off the above rates (does not apply to transportation costs.


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